Zhu Rong little sister still blurred in the dark cut just now. When I walked up to the man, his eyes were still open, but he looked weak.


"How is that possible? I clearly see that your sword is the sword of justice, why do you use the inferno’s moves? Am I doing this right or wrong? God, let me out quickly. " The voice became smaller and smaller, and when it was too small to be heard, the whole person disappeared into a white light.
"Eldest brother, you, what did you do just now? !” The wind wolf doesn’t know how it came up, and his face is full of grief and indignation.
Wind Wolf is a werewolf, and naturally he will feel the breath of Wolf Warriors that has just passed away. He shouldn’t have heard what Wolf Warriors told me to kill him, so there was a misunderstanding. I quickly explained, "Brother, listen to me."
"Don’t listen, I have seen, it’s you, you killed our Wolf clan leader! It is you! " The wind wolf is not representative, angrily rushed towards the edge of the arena and jumped in an instant.
How did this happen? I looked doubtfully at Zhu Rong’s little sister: "What the hell is going on?"
Chapter 178 Hong Huang Wolf Warriors
"benefactor, it’s not your little sister’s fault. Little sister didn’t know he would come, and besides, only the benefactor you didn’t know. Since you came to Fire Island, this arena can be reached without little sister’s magic. The little sister who jumped just now really let him come up because she didn’t pay attention after hearing the wolf. Benefactor, it’s really not my sister’s fault. " Zhu Rong’s little sister looked very wronged, her eyes were full of sparkling tears, and she almost fell down.
"Well, I don’t blame you. You go back. " It’s no use blaming anyone. The only way now is to find Feng Wolf and explain what happened to him in detail. I don’t want to start fighting among myself as soon as I set up the gang. The wind wolf is one with the other two wolves, and none of them can be left behind. I seldom use the communication system, and I can’t wait to call the wind wolf.
"The other party has turned off the communication system or is not online." Although the prompt voice of the system is very beautiful, I’m not in that mood at all now. Get through to thunder wolf quickly.
"Brother, where are you now?"
"Boss, I’m in Nanzhou. What can I do for you?" Listen to the voice, thunder Wolf is a little worried.
"Is the wind wolf with you?"
"No.. After coming out of the fire island, I remembered one thing, so I asked him to tell you. Originally, he didn’t have to go back in person, but I didn’t expect your communication system to be closed, so I had to ask him to go there. Why, isn’t Feng with you? "
"Just now, now I don’t know where to go. He turned off the communication system and I couldn’t get in touch with him. " I can’t tell him what happened, because I’m not sure if Lei Wolf has the same attitude as Feng Wolf on this matter.
"eh? What the hell happened? "
"Brother, do you have a trip to tempering island? It will be unclear for a while. When you come back, I’ll tell you carefully. If Snow Wolf is here, ask him to come back together. I’ll wait for you at the main hall. "
"Ok, I’ll inform Xue immediately and let him come back."
Zhu Rong little sister stood wiping her tears on the spot and looked at me piteously.
"Kid sister, all say don’t blame you, what are you still doing here? Go back! "
"benefactor, have you ever heard of Wolf Warriors?" Zhu Rong kid sister irrelevant answer tunnel.
"No, you know what?" I don’t know what little sister Zhu Rong really means by asking.
Little sister Zhu Rong patted her head and said, "I know. Wolf Warriors in the wild is one of the four big rides of the magic statue in the past, and it is the first of the four. Do you want to hear about it, benefactor? "
I know too little about the details of the battle in the Central Plains in the past, so it would be best to listen to it. The game, the picture is a wonderful one.
"Let’s hear it. However, this is not the place to talk. Let’s go to our main hall. "
"good." Little sister Zhu Rong performed a magic trick, and the next moment, we were already in the empty stone room.
"benefactor, you are so empty here!" The first sentence that came out when little sister came in made my face a little bit nervous.
"Don’t digress, tell me about Wolf Warriors."
Zhu Rong little sister a captivating smile, slowly lost in thought, whispered about the past:
"In the past, the magic statue’s men rode in four big seats, namely, wolf, tiger, leopard and lion. Among them, the wolf is the boss. The four big seats rode with the magic statue to participate in the ghost wars for countless times. Although Wolf Warriors was the smallest of the four, every time in the ghost wars, the protoss suffered the most casualties under the wolf’s claws. Over time, the magic statue made it the first of the four. This vast Wolf Warriors was brought up in the vast wilderness when the Magic Zun traveled around the world in the past, but it is said to be the closest to the Magic Zun. When it was first picked up by the magic statue, it was ugly, and it was only when it became an adult that it showed its true colors, and it was really the king of wolves. Unfortunately, in those days, three of the four were defeated at the same time as the magic statue. Only this Wolf Warriors escaped the bullet and returned to the vast universe. For thousands of years, there was no news. I didn’t expect to be killed by you today. Is this an act of god? "
"Is that all you know?"
"well. I think that boy just now may have been angry and left because you killed their boss. "
I thought she knew how specific it was, but that’s all. But it’s not bad, at least, I understand why Feng Wolf is angry. With little sister Zhu Rong around, I’m not afraid this matter can’t be solved.
Zhu Rong little sister’s words just fell, and the figure in front of her flashed, and the thunder wolf and the snow wolf arrived.
"Eldest brother, what’s going on? What about the wind? " Come in after the thunder Wolf didn’t see the wind Wolf, eagerly asked.
"Brother, don’t worry, you listen to me." So, I told them about the killing of Wolf Warriors. Finally, I added, "Brother, there is absolutely no lie in everything I say. Sister Zhu Rong can testify, and my hand can also testify." I showed them the black heart of my left palm.
The snow wolf grabbed my hand, and the cold light flashed, and the steel claws were cut to the heart of the child like lightning. "hey!" There was a loud noise, and the snow wolf involuntarily stepped back more than ten steps before stopping, but the pure heart was not damaged at all. No one expected this change of snow wolf, and thunder wolf had no time to stop it. Snow Wolf retreated to one side without saying a word, only nodded to thunder Wolf.
The thunder wolf himself may not want to stop the snow wolf, but he nodded at the snow wolf and said to me, "boss, we believe you." Wolf Warriors is the god of our Wolf clan. Although he used to ride a magic statue, for thousands of years, no one has ever found him doing bad things again. Boss, although his old man asked you to kill him, Feng didn’t know that this matter had to be solved by our brothers themselves. At the same time, I hope the boss will not blame himself too much, because Wolf Warriors will never die. He is only temporarily in another world, and his old man’s house will come back when the time comes. Boss, before it’s too late, for the sake of the development of our gang, let’s go to Feng now and make it clear to him. When it’s done, we’ll start recruiting people. If nothing happens, Xue and I will go first. "
"Wait, can I ask you questions?"
"You said."
"What did you tell me when you called Brother Feng back?"
"Well, I always forgot to tell you, but it’s also about Wolf Warriors’s old man’s house. We just want to ask you to give him a break when you meet his old man. Unexpectedly, alas! Stop talking. Boss, let’s go. "
"Well, you go. If I touch Wolf Warriors again someday, I won’t embarrass him. "
"Thank you, boss!" The sound falls and people die.
Zhu Rong’s little sister stared blankly at the direction where the two wolves left and murmured, "benefactor, why are you with the werewolf?"
"What, do you look down on them?"
"No, little sister has always felt that everything in the world is equal. Little sister just thinks that there are too many strange things about you, just like just now, why did you make the magic statue’s moves? Xiaomei can’t think of why, really can’t think of it. "
"Don’t think about it if you can’t think of it. You are an NPC, what do you want to do so much? "
"alas! I don’t want to think too much, but as the head of the Zhu Rong family, I have to. By the way, benefactor, can little sister ask you to do something? "
"What is it?"
"Originally, this matter should not ask you, but after reading your tricks today, I think you can probably help. I have a sibling named Zhu Rong Evil Fire. It’s easy to recognize how long a black eye is on his forehead. In the past, he went into the underworld because of his mistakes and anger. Little sister just wants to beg you. If you see him one day, ask him to come back and see her. In this world, my little sister has no relatives. If I can see him again, my little sister will be grateful. " After that, he gave me a hail.
I lifted her up and said, "I’ll just write it down. Whether it can be done or not is unknown. I have to have a rest, you go home. "
Zhu Rong little sister figure a flash, disappear.
I just sat down, my ass was not hot yet, and Duguyihong rushed in carrying a sack.
Chapter 179 All the houses are full of color
"Xiaohong, what are you carrying?" Seeing him come in, I thought it was difficult to rest, so I had to sit up.
"XiaoGe, there are seeds. A plant seed that I have never seen before. " It seems that Dugu Yihong is very proud.
Since there is nothing to do, I also want to see what Dugu Yihong is carrying. "Xiaohong, open it and let me have a look."
Duguyihong put down the cloth bag and poured out a "seed" the size of a lux blue ball from it. He smiled and said, "Brother Xiao, I just walked out of the stone room not long ago and saw this seed at the foot of the volcano by the sea."
I looked left and right, wondering, "How can you be sure it is a’ seed’?" From the appearance alone, I would never believe that it is a plant seed.
"I’m not sure this is a plant seed, but with my years of planting experience, I believe it is a seed. In order to verify my guess, I decided to bring it back for trial planting. "
I looked at him with malicious intent and said, "What kind? Where do you want to plant? "
Duguyihong smiled shyly and said, "Brother Xiao, look, our lair is so empty. I think it’s better to plant it here."
"Well, as long as you can grow it, I will never interfere with you. However, I can tell you, if you can’t plant it, you have to clean up the place for me! I’m leaving. "
"yes! Ok! Brother Xiao, where are you going? "
"Go to a place where you can’t find it, so as to save me trouble." Say that finish, I went to the Zhu Rong little sister’s office.
Little sister Zhu Rong was obviously surprised by my arrival. She asked softly, "What can I do for you, benefactor?"
"Send me to the volcano where I just found you sleeping. I want to go there quietly."
Little sister Zhu Rong hesitated for a moment before saying, "All right. However, there is one thing I have to tell you first, that is, there is a sleeping BOSS in there. I hope that if it’s okay, you don’t wake it up, otherwise I can’t save you. "
"Don’t worry, I am going to rest, not to play BOSS."