Paused, PangYu continued, "this is just a rough situation, there are many detailed classification. Like the younger brother, only the jade symbols that belong to the Golden Jueshan Mountain shine for a long time without interruption, which means that the main vein Golden Juefeng or the second peak of Gengjin has an entrance for disciples or other situations that need to be observed. Those who can get back within an hour will come back, and those who can’t will not have to come. If it is interrupted and shines twice, it means that everyone who can get back in the early morning of the next day will come back. And so on.


If the pass jade symbol owned by the younger brother of the inner gate shines with a faint golden light, it means that there is a major ceremony in Zongmen, and everyone should attend it except the seniors who are closed to death. However, this kind of thing will be notified in advance. If it shines for a long time without interruption, it means that it is enough to come back within one month. If it is interrupted once, it means two months, and so on.
If all my younger brothers and sisters have jade charms that shine brilliantly with golden light, but our Golden Mountain has no reaction, it means that our Golden Mountain has been destroyed or occupied by others. Then, when Huiyuan comes, you don’t have to come to this side of Golden Mountain, just go directly to the main peak. "
Who mowgli heard PangYu magnificently this pass to say that finish, in the heart can’t help but sigh again big pie. It’s just that he always thinks it’s a waste.
Pang Yu lived up to his master elder brother’s title, and his eyesight was very good. Wei Wuji’s subtle expression was peeped out by him. At that time, he said with a smile, "Do you think it’s a waste to put a fairy clock on every mountain in the Five Elements?"
Who mowgli although some surprised at PangYu observation, but also did not hide, directly nodded and said, "is some waste, I think, in addition to the five elements of the peak of the mouth is the fairy home legacy of genuine, the rest should be fake, it will cost much material! If you use him to increase the strength of the disciples in the door, the effect will never be small.
If you are powerful, you can naturally ignore everything. Isn’t this much better than using it to contact Huiyuan? "Error-free novel network does not jump words.
"Brother Wei, you are wrong." Pang Yu said with a smile, "Every mountain peak has a fairy clock, just to enhance the strength of the sect!"
"oh? Please also ask the master elder brother to make it clear? " Wei Wuji said.
"Brother Wei, you may have misunderstood that Juxianzhong only has the ability to contact." PangYu this opening, to make look obsessively with a kind of color, "this fairy clock, but the five elements, ranking only under the five elements of Lingfeng large array of the second treasure, it is a real fairy treasure. The gathering fairy clock, if prompted by secret methods, can do great harm to the soul.
Brother then, he simply can’t stand the blow of the gathering bell. Under one blow, then he will be broken and lost. Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, on the other hand, will be seriously injured if there is no powerful magic weapon for mental defense.
Starting from my Five Elements Sect, every baby gentleman must collect materials and forge a Lingbao-level fake Juxian clock, and every monk then must also forge a magic weapon-level fake Juxian clock. These imitation fairy bells will be integrated with the mountains and rivers in the mountains and become the strongest guardian ban in the mountains.
Teacher younger brother can imagine for himself, how powerful it would be if all the fairy bells joined together in battle when foreign enemies invaded, gathering all the mountains and rivers in Zongshanmen, my five elements, to launch an attack. If it weren’t for such means, I would not rob the five elements of the mountains, which are all specialty lingshi, and other big schools. After all, this is outside the large array of Lingfeng in the Five Elements! "
Who mowgli smell so, the surge of emotion surge is also uncontrollable. At this moment, even he himself felt that it was wise to join the Five Elements Sect.
Every time you add an elixir, you will add a fairy clock. If this continues, how powerful it is, he simply can’t imagine.
However, who mowgli, after all, is used to composed, surge of emotion surge for a moment, then calm down. Because he thought of another problem. The Five Elements Sect is a big faction, but it is not the most powerful faction. There are two sects that keep pace with the boundary of Chu State alone. Since the Five Elements Sect has such powerful means, it means that other big schools must have them, perhaps with different means and methods, but the effect is the same.
In that case, there is really no need to get so excited. His spirit force is slightly induced, and whatever you think, Pang Yu’s smile is a bit mysterious. He couldn’t help thinking to himself, "Isn’t it because he deliberately provoked my emotions and humiliated me in front of a group of registered disciples?"
This suspicion, together, is hard to contain. Now, who mowgli in the heart, will be the prevention of PangYu, promoted to the top. However, on the surface, he still doesn’t know the melody. After calming his mood, he continued to talk and laugh with Pang Yu and asked him what his disciples should know.
Pang Yu seems to have never done anything in general, and he is always ready to answer questions about Wei Wuji, and he is particularly detailed, without the slightest secret.
So the two men said, until they got the inheritance hall.
At this moment, Pang Yudao said, "When the fairy bell rings, we have to wait here for an hour to let more teachers come over. Brother Wei will go in first and wait sincerely! "
"Yes!" Who mowgli should be under, directly into the inheritance hall.

Chapter DiYiQi Building a house, shocking
Chapter DiYiQi Building a house, shocking
An hour later.
Wei Wuji is under the auspices of big brother Pang Yu. Under the observation of fifty-six disciples of the second peak of Geng Jin, he gave a three-kneeling and nine-knocking gift to the portrait of Wutong hanging in the inheritance hall, and officially became the thirteenth disciple of the second peak.
After the ceremony, Wei Moji’s other disciples told Wei Moji their names and addresses, and then they dispersed separately and continued to do their own things, only the big brother Pang Yu stayed.
At this time, PangYu primly, "teacher younger brother, this island in the middle of the lake is the root of the second peak, and the aura is the most abundant. According to the rules, all the disciples who entered the house settled on this island. I don’t know if my younger brother is going to live in the built temple courtyard or if he wants to build it himself.
On the island now, there are ready-made courtyards everywhere, where all kinds of ordinary expenses, including servants, maids, squires and alchemists, are readily available.
If you want to build it according to your own wishes, you should look around the island first, and then report your chosen place and requirements to me, and I will ask the deacon’s hall to send someone to build it. However, to live in. We’ll have to wait a while. "
"Is this suggesting that I’d better check in directly?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Who mowgli heart secretly thought.
Ever since that kind of thing happened just now, Wei mowgli unconsciously felt a sense of alienation towards Pang Yu, and he was wary of him, for fear that he would use his unfamiliarity to make himself lose face in the rest of the other disciples. So, after a little thought, he said directly, "I’m always used to it, so I’d better choose a place to build it myself!" The elder brother is familiar with all kinds of scenery of the island in the middle of the lake. Would you like to accompany the younger brother on a trip?
After finding a suitable place, just send someone to build it directly. Don’t bother big brother again. Today, I just want to live in it directly! "
"Oh?" PangYu smell speech, at that time, a slight ash, then smiled and said, "for brother now is nothing, accompany who teacher younger brother once also might as well. However, you can’t be too anxious to build your own courtyard. After all, your younger brother is a disciple. Although you don’t have to be extravagant, you can’t be too shabby! "
"Don’t worry, big brother, I’m not that kind of bitter monk!" Who mowgli is not much to explain, light replied with a smile.
"So, then let’s go! Brother Wei also wants to see it. What means does the younger brother have to build his own residence in half a day! " Pang Yu immediately opened his mouth and then asked, "What kind of environment does teacher younger brother like? Although my island in the middle of the lake is not big, it still has some scenery after being transformed by the immortal method? "
Wei Wuji thought about it and said, "There is nothing I don’t like about the scenic spots in the world. However, speaking of the interest of nature, I am still in the mountains and rivers. My senior brother will just take me to a place with mountains and rivers!"
Looking for a place with mountains and water at the top of the mountain, if you don’t understand the specific situation, you will think that Wei Wuji is deliberately embarrassing Pang Yu. Actually, it’s not, because Wei Wuji just found out when he went to the island that there are no fewer than ten peaks in the middle of the lake. Of course, these peaks are not big, but they look like they are competing with each other.
Hearing this, PangYu didn’t say, then directly take who mowgli goes to the east. Moments later, Pang Yu came to a small mountain with Wei Wuji.
This mountain peak is about 100 feet high and only a few miles wide. Wei Wuji looked as far as he could see, with green trees and colorful flowers. On the top of the mountain, a waterfall with a width of about 100 meters flowed straight down, landed in a pool on the mountainside, and meandered down with three rivers, forming three mountain streams.
The water of the mountain stream gathers at the foot of the mountain, turns around the mountain for half a turn, winds away into the distance, and leads straight to the great lake at the second peak.
Seeing this scene, Wei Wuji fell in love with it at once. At that time, he said to Pang Yudao, "Big Brother, we don’t have to go anywhere else. This is it."
"In that case, Brother Wei will ask for it. I’ll let the people in the deacon’s hall prepare more!" PangYu said with a smile.
"Well," who mowgli hesitated a moment, you’re welcome, directly replied, "I need a lot of skilled craftsmen, not less than one hundred people, but this one hundred people. Must be monks who are all proficient in soil series techniques. In addition, when they come, they should bring as many storage bags as possible, and fill them with dirt, without bringing other materials and tools. Of course, the quality of the soil can’t be bad, and we must find some special soil as much as possible. Don’t fool me with all that black soil all over the mountains. "
As soon as Wei Wuji finished speaking, Pang Yu was also confused by his strange request. He couldn’t help asking, "Brother Wei, are you going to build your own residence with mud?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Yes! Can’t this work? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. Who mowgli asked.
PangYu then says, "not no, however, this is not strong. We, the Five Elements Sect, pay the most attention to the way of nature, protecting and forbidding, and will not be isolated from natural phenomena. Storms are also common here. Even though the younger brother can use the charm and magic to bless, it takes months, even years and decades for us to cultivate Buddhism. I’m afraid those blessed spells can’t withstand many scourges of nature. "
"Don’t worry, Master Brother, this house was built to shelter me from the wind and rain. Naturally, I won’t get one that needs my constant maintenance!" Who mowgli is not much to explain, said with a smile.
"oh? That being the case, I’d like to have a good look at Brother Wei’s magic method! " Immediately after Pang Yu finished, he took out his own pass jade symbol from his own dry bag. He held the symbol in one hand and pinched the tactic in the other, and a flash of light flashed, in an instant. A voice rang.
"Brother Pang, what can I do for you at this time?" That voice is very old, obviously, the age is definitely not small.
PangYu immediately replied, "home division and a new little teacher younger brother, want to build their own homes, you seconded one hundred monks proficient in soil spells to help build. In addition, when they come, they don’t need to bring anything else, just bring a lot of storage bags filled with dirt. However, the quality of the soil cannot be too bad. "
"oh? Built purely with mud, interesting, interesting! " The old voice rang again and said, "I’m afraid that 100 monks from the Turkish family are not enough. Do you want me to send some from other places?"
"This," PangYu heard of it, at that time, to look at who mowgli. Who mowgli at the sight of this, then nodded. Later, Pang Yu replied, "You are an expert, so you can arrange it, as long as it is not enough."
"Well, wait for a while, let’s go and prepare the materials, and we’ll be right there."
As soon as the words fell, there was a flash of light on the jade symbol, and Pang Yu conveniently received the jade symbol in the dry bag. Who mowgli know, this must be broken contact.
"Master elder brother, it turns out that our pass jade operator has the utility of signaling jade operator. I wonder if there is anything else? " Who mowgli then asked.
"That’s a lot. I’m afraid it’ll take me a while!" PangYu smiled and said, "who teacher younger brother hasn’t gone to the deacon’s temple of Golden Juefeng to receive the standard equipment of the inner disciple! When you get it, you will find that there is a pamphlet, which is specifically about the various applications of the jade symbol. As soon as you look at it, you will understand. "