There are waves like the crisp sound of broken glass.
The speed of cleaning up the monster’s body is also very fast. Just smelling the sound of "cut", the system has cleaned up the dead body of the flaming beast at the scene.
Suddenly blue ice crystals were flying all over the sky in the regional flame tunnel.
Liang Ping slays every flaming beast, and at the same time, his heart is full of joy.
"In fact, it is always a great thing to be able to hang up from any angle."
"It’s easy to understand how to slay monsters with considerable original strength."
"Don’t spend a lot of time dawdling"
The corners of the mouth slowly raise a 30-degree smile
Everyone who kills the enemy simply sounds more excited from the heart.
I thought that the time I was pitted by Chen Hai in Shengshi Company was even more exciting.
"If Chen Hai dares to play this game, I will treat him as miserable as these stupid monsters!"
"Ha ha ha"
I was amused by my own ideas, and the sword shadow was vertical and horizontal in the annular tunnel of regional flame
Minutes pass by.
1 minute and 2 minutes
Five minutes later, all the way from the East Shimen to the chopping was almost a trot, which hindered me from returning to the starting point.
Kill the last flaming beast.
The long blue ice crystals on the back make the most beautiful blue background.
Unified voice indication
"Congratulations on killing all the flaming beasts."
"15 heads in total"
"5 minutes"
"To enter the flame icehouse, you need to get ice beads."
"Please go to Tongmen to answer the unified question."
Liang Pingwen was surprised.
"it’s simply lying in the trough."
"Don’t play like this."
"answer questions"
"This is worse than directly giving me a term of imprisonment!"
When I came to Tongmen, I saw a multiple-choice question.
How many sects are there in Shengshi online games?
A5 b4 3 d2 e1 Liang Ping smiled after reading it.