Chapter 45 Li Yaner
"So it was you-"After Zhang Xiaotian saw it clearly, he was taken aback.
It was none other than Su Tai, Dongpo Village, who was in trouble with Zhang Xiaotian more than a month ago.
Su Tai’s face is uncertain at the moment.
At this time, Yang Xiaodi finally reacted, and it turned out that Su Tai, who had just kicked himself, was spared his life by them more than a month ago. Angry for no reason, and regardless of the beauty around, he cursed: "Well, it was Su Tai, you turtle bastard, who spared your life last time. I didn’t expect you to bite the hand that feeds you, and you dared to sneak up on Lao Zi."
In fact, Su Tai’s heart is also depressed. Damn it, Lao Tzu’s fiancee is herself, and she hasn’t pulled her hand yet, but she was hit by a ghost repair and filled with fragrant jade. Depend, I was so angry that he kicked that ya, but now it turned out to be Zhang Xiaotian and them.
You know Su Tai was very impressed by Zhang Xiaotian’s ghosts. The qualifications are very low, they are not weak, they have magic weapons, and the most important thing is that they belong to the Gongsun family.
The gongsun family, Dongpo village is not to be taunted.
Su Tai, who was hesitating, suddenly heard Yang Xiao curse and couldn’t help frowning. It is Miss Li Yan ‘er who is standing next to him. If he doesn’t dare to talk back now, he will lose a lot of face and leave a bad impression on Li Yan ‘er.
Between thoughts and thoughts, Su Tai’s eyes rolled twice, and then he said calmly, "You hit us, do you still care?"
Hit you? Yang Xiao is a little angry, ya, I hit you, and you kick it as you die? However, after seeing the beautiful woman next to her, Yang Xiaodi couldn’t help rolling her eyes and saying with a bad smile, "Oh? So it was this beautiful woman that I bumped into just now? Ha ha! Yes, it smells good and soft! Well, it’s worth it! "
Hearing this, Su Tai was not angry but happy, and it was done! Finally, the goal was successfully turned around, hey hey! This time, you asked for it. No matter which young lady of the Gongsun family you are, you have offended the real big young lady of the Li family and will be finished.
Zhang Xiaotian kid’s qualification is not lower than his, which makes him very fearful. I have never heard of any kid who can reach this level before.
At this time, there are more and more ghosts around, which makes the already crowded streets even more crowded.
Zhang Xiao, as dark call is not good, he knows that if this continues, the security guard of Fang City will come.
But Zhang Xiaotian didn’t think of it. In fact, Fang City’s guards came early, but after seeing a sign on Li Yan’s body, he stood outside the ghost repair group and stopped moving. Although the forces behind Fang city are not weak, they are still weak compared with the Li family in the three northeastern provinces. Fang city guards are dressed the same as ordinary ghosts, and no one knows when they stop at the ghost repair group.
There are some discussions in the ghost repair group.
"Hum, making trouble in Fangshi is simply reckless." A ghost peak for the black old ghost said.
"hey! What do you know, hillbilly? See the sign on that woman? That’s the symbol of the Li family in Northeast China! Class family! Fang city guards must have seen it, and now they don’t know where to hide. The Li family, they can’t be taunted. Those two kids are dead! " A young ghost at the peak of the ghost said.
"Not necessarily! Although there are no signs on those two kids, maybe they are also powerful. Can provoke the ghost repair of the Li family, can it be an ordinary ghost repair? Listen to what that boy said, this is a naked provocation! " A ghost repair interjected.
"Is that, don’t forget, those two are black kids, but one of them is actually higher than me, and I am already in the early days of ghosts. Can a kid who can reach such a state be an ordinary ghost repair? " A blue ghost fix Hou said proudly at this moment.
"What power is this … Li family?" The old ghost who spoke earlier asked weakly at this moment.
"Cut-"answered him with a group of contemptuous voices. Shit, it’s a new ghost.
Hearing Yang Xiao’s rude remarks and the comments of ghosts around him, Li Yaner turned reddish and frowned, and then said faintly, "Shall we go?"
"What?" Su Tai, who was planning to go to the theatre, was startled. I didn’t expect Li Yaner to answer like this.
Not only Su Tai, but also Yang Xiaodi paused. I thought I would be scolded by the woman’s swept over, but who thought the somebody else even ignored him?
At this moment, Yang Xiaodi felt a little lost in his heart, thinking, don’t I even have the qualification to let her scold?
Zhang Xiaotian also saw something wrong with Yang Xiaodi’s expression, thinking that something was wrong with the one that was just kicked. He couldn’t help but coldly say, "Do you want to leave like this after hitting my brother?"
"Hum, we let you go, what do you want? Don’t think that you belong to the Gongsun family, we are afraid of you! " Su Tai was annoyed. Deliberately added a’ we’ after the word’ I’.
"Wow, it turned out to be the Gongsun family. No wonder?" At this time, the blue ghost said with a face of course, and there was no surprise in his tone.
"What power is that-the Gongsun family?" Then the black old ghost asked with a curious face.
"Oh, my brother, where did you come from? Why don’t you know anything?" Next to a ghost repair, you can’t resist asked.
"Hey? How did you know that I came from gala village? " Then the old ghost asked with a puzzled face.
"I’d rather …" The ghost was speechless.