The soldier in this trench is Song Xiaofei of the 324th Regiment of the 15th Division. He saw Wu Chaoyong and Tran Phu, the battalion commander of the 3rd Battalion, talking jokes easily.


Chapter 4 always attack the infantry regiment
Tran Phu saw Song Xiaofei and cried, "Brother Xiaofei, come here."
Song Xiaofei took a white Tran Phu and ignored it.
Tran Phu also said, "I heard that you got a white and tender cabbage, but I don’t know how to treat it. Why don’t you give it to your brother?"
"I’m your brother, damn it," Song Xiaofei said.
"Don’t you want to be the pig with arched cabbage? "Song Xiaofei asked.
Tran Phu cried, "How can it be? I will raise her in my own garden and give her a fertilizer to make her grow fat in vain."
"Maybe give birth to a few cubs! "Cried Tran Phu.
Song Xiaofei pricked up his middle finger to Tran Phu and pulled Ariel across the 324th trench in a hurry. A black road stretched out through the dark forest to a town not far away.
Tran Phu laughed, and a long black line appeared in the distance before his eyes, crawling like a black caterpillar on the gray grassland.
"He niang Americans come! "Tran Phu scolded a pair of reconnaissance battalion commander Wu Chaoyong and said," Lao Wu, you’d better hurry over. We’ll take care of it here. You can walk slowly without worrying about the Americans coming again. "
"You don’t see a lot of Americans. If they can rush to the line 50 meters away in front of my 3rd Battalion, I won’t be surnamed Chen in Tran Phu."
"Who cares if your family name is Chen?" Wu Chaoyong said, "If it doesn’t work, you can scream. Although my brothers in the camp haven’t rested for one day and two nights, it’s no problem to fight another day in the middle of the night."
"We’ll have a rest in the small town ahead." Wu Chaoyong pointed to the front and said, "It’s no good calling."
Tran Phu also took a look back. He picked up the telescope and looked at the American troops in front.
The sun hasn’t risen yet, and a large number of American troops came running on the dark green ridge of the grassland, sweeping toward the 324 th regiment defense line like a sudden surge of black wind and a steep mountain call tsunami
Chen Fuma lost his telescope and shouted to Wu Chaoyong, "Lao Wu had better not go yet. I may have to bother you with the reconnaissance battalion when I go to see a colonel."
Wu Chaoyong stopped and ordered the troops to defend on the spot and turned around and said, "Tran Phu, I knew you were just a guy with a silver wax spear that didn’t top the head. You guys wilted when you were scared by the Americans. Why don’t you go to rest with the 324th Regiment and let’s get into trouble with our reconnaissance battalion?"
Chen Fudao "come on! It’s cheaper to have good things. You didn’t expect it, but you didn’t appreciate it. You have to scold us. We’re fine. Go to the town over there and arch your cabbage hard. "
Tran Phu quickly found Jiwu Jiwu, the head of the 324th regiment, along the shallow traffic trench. He also observed that the American troops in front saw Tran Phu and asked, "What about Tran Phu? What do you think is wrong with these American soldiers?"
"No, there are too many places. The most important thing is that they don’t have artillery units or the infantry behind the artillery units are out of joint. More than 20,000 infantry are arranged in a long snake formation. According to me, they are simply fat. We can dismember them into several pieces and swallow them one by one without staying in the ditch." Tran Phu said, "It is estimated that the Americans chased them out in a hurry and forgot that they were facing the Chinese regiment, which repeatedly defeated their army!"
On whether the British, American and French armies always heal their wounds and forget the pain when facing the Chinese regiment, and always habitually treat the Chinese regiment as an ordinary army.
There is nothing wrong with the pursuit formation of the 19th Division of the US Army in the pursuit reconnaissance battalion. It is very safe for the general army, but it is a big mistake for an army like the Chinese regiment.
Many bloody facts have made the British, French and American allied officers know that the Chinese * * regiment is very powerful, which is different from the old days. The * * regiment is much more powerful than the British, French and American * * squadrons, but few people really know how powerful it is.
Many generals have been warned to be careful when they meet the Chinese regiment, but how to be careful? There is no reference answer.
After all, few people have the experience of really facing the Chinese Communist Youth League, because most of the generals of the Chinese Communist Youth League are dead, even if they don’t have to fight to tell others what they know, others will understand.
Team Zhong * * is no longer a general army, but it is out of the general military common sense. Except for the commanders of the regiment Zhong * *, they don’t know what kind of fighting capacity he will play.
Ji Wu nodded. He completely agreed with Tran Phu, but he had some doubts. "The 325 and 327 regiments are flanking us from two wings. Will this fight disrupt the division deployment?"
"I’m afraid that when the 325th and 327th regiments arrive, the enemy artillery may have followed, which may cause great losses to our army."
"Make up your mind, colonel. When we defeat the Americans, we will just come to clean up the battlefield."
Jiwu’s heart thumped.
"And it’s not that we don’t act according to plan. Is it wrong for the enemy to attack us for a counter-charge? One of our counter-charge enemies will be defeated. If we want to run, we can’t stop chasing, can we? Do we have to wait until the 325 and 327 regiments arrive? I’m afraid the enemy will have run away by then. "
"It’s not that we are too clever, but that Americans are too stupid! If we can’t catch the fighter commander, we will really blame us, "Tran Phu said."
"Well, just do it! There used to be a big piece of fat meat in front of me. If I don’t know how to cherish it and don’t take a bite, I will regret it … "Ji Wuguo said abruptly.
Called several battalion commanders to assign one and then dispersed separately.
Tran Phu returned to his camp and Wu Chaoyong stopped him and asked, "What’s good about Chen Fuyou? “
"Our regiment is ready to launch a counterattack to defeat the American troops in front of us," Tran Phu said.
"They have a division of combat troops with more than twenty thousand people? "Wu Chaoyong said.
"We also have four or five thousand people in the 324th regiment to defeat them for more than enough? "Tran Phu said airily," This is the difference between the infantry and your scouts. You blindly sneak up and forget the storm, but we infantry always keep the attacking troops brave and dare to attack the forces and smash them in one fell swoop! This is our infantry. "
"joke! If our reconnaissance battalion fights with your 3rd battalion, it will definitely beat you to the ground to find teeth, "cried Wu Chaoyong defiantly.
"Maybe, but now it depends on our infantry regiment in this battle" to be continued.
Chapter 49 German cleaning
In front of the US Army’s 324th Regiment, there was a slight pause and a tentative charge was launched, but the 324th Regiment was a dead hand.
With a wave of his hand, Tran Phu jumped out of the trench and hit the oncoming American troops.
The sharp roar of mortars behind them broke the peace of the morning. The gunners took out their collars and couldn’t wait to shoot all the shells in an instant.
A rapid-fire explosion caused smoke and dust to rise like mushrooms, which gradually became bigger and finally dissipated in the sky.
The smoke from the explosion was dispersed by the breeze, and the two troops finally collided head-on
In the rain of bullets, two teams shuttled through the open area, and a pretty heavy machine gun sprayed fierce flames.
China soldiers run and shoot at the same time. Their formation is scattered, but they make the firing speed of semi-automatic rifles half that of the US military, but the hit rate is unmatched by the US military.
Too noisy, the American troops are knocked down layer by layer, and the surging crowds are like rushing to the beach, broken by rocks and scattered by waves, and the beach becomes a corpse.
The 3rd Battalion just cut the US troops in half, while the other battalions of the 324th Regiment launched an attack from both sides, sweeping away like a hurricane to the 19th Division of the US Army.
Wu Chaoyong’s reconnaissance battalion is limited to the nature of his team and can serve as the reserve of the 324 th regiment. Because they are reconnaissance battalions and are treated as special forces, they can’t participate in such battles unless they have to.
Song Xiaofei and the French woman Ariel sat side by side at the bottom of a big tree by the road and witnessed the whole battle. In the end, Ariel covered her face and couldn’t bear to watch it again. "This is a massacre! Pure slaughter! "
Song Xiaofei said, "Twenty years ago, the allied forces of China also massacred China people in this way."
"So you retaliated against the slaughter of white troops in France?"
"No, absolutely not. We are fighting. What we have come to today is that the British oppress us. We want to get paid for our work and then go back to China safely. But at least this demand can’t be met. The British not only owe us a lot of wages, but also try to deprive us of our freedom and even kill us."