The queen of Beastmaster City will be her ghost!


A little orange-red fire jumps halfway up the hill in the distance. That’s the color of bonfire in Suyuan Mountain Cave.
Leopard rewelding arms leaning against the cave mouth eyebrows slightly twist lip Angle Yang.
Small and medium-sized females in sight are holding their own almost tall wooden sticks and banging on the wooden basin to make a duangduang sound.
Leopard is puzzled but finds it interesting.
Sure enough, he is a stupid fufu little thing.
Su Yuan is absorbed in her eyes.
Suspected clay white stone pieces have been broken into small stone particles.
The original clear stream has also become opaque gray.
Su Yuan looked at the gradually forming coarse mortar and was glad.
If you want to mash the sand more and turn the mortar into fine mud, she will be half successful!
Just then, a big hand held the stick in Su Yuan’s hand.
Leopard’s eyes asked, "Mash?"
Su Yuan’s chicken pecked rice and nodded, but she couldn’t remember what happened or what embarrassed her.
The efficiency of the big leopard is not that the stone particles that appear hard and difficult in Gaisuyuan’s hands are smashed into powder by the leopard rewelding.
Su Yuan squatted beside the stars and watched him add a little water to it from time to time.
Ahem, in layman’s terms, it’s with mud
Leopard rewelding casual look gradually become serious.
Su Yuan crumpled the mud in his hand into a ball, then rubbed it into a long strip, then bent it into a circle, and then crumpled it back into a ball, smiling and smiling, but he couldn’t help but hold it high and show off with the big leopard.
Leopard rewelding face is quiet, but in fact, it is a wave in my heart.
When he was a child, he had seen the potters in the Beastmaster City knead clay embryos. If his memory is correct, then the little female is now making pottery!
Su Yuan didn’t know that the big leopard had guessed his own eyes, carefully squeezed a small bowl and carefully scraped the bottom and edge of the bowl with bamboo slices.
Then he pinched a slightly larger bowl and a half round jar.
And then I can’t wait to send San into the bonfire to be fired and shaped.
Leopard rewelding suddenly reached out and pointed to the mud embryo and pointed to the corner near the hole.
Su Yuan upturned his little head and blinked. At that time, he was not able to respond.
Leopard rewelding simply took Su Yuan’s wooden tray and put it carefully in the corner.
Su Yuan blinks and blesses the soul.
Brother Bao means to dry first!
God! How could she forget such an important step!
Wait, so the big leopard knows how to burn clay!
Su Yuanxing’s eyes are bright and wild. Good neighbors are treasures, right?
"thank you"
Leopard rewelding some unnatural light cough a look elsewhere good coincidence unfortunately fell in a bamboo basket filled with clay.
Because the wooden basin is not too big, there are many clay blocks left when the big flowers come back.
Leopard rewelding picked up the tub and went straight to the bamboo basket.
Instant Su Yuan surprised eyes casually grabbed a hand.
Su Yuan managed to smash the white stone pieces with great efforts, but they turned into a handful of powder and fell into a wooden basin.
Ahem, it can still be like this!
Chapter 40 Quarrying
Leopard rewelding and Su Yuan are in charge of mud and one is in charge of kneading mud embryos. Before you know it, most of the night has passed.
Su Yuan yawned a lot, and his brain was swept by a strong sense of sleepiness.
She let go of the last pot of fat belly until wait for a while got up and fell asleep like a drunken butterfly.
Leopard rewelding silently soaked a soft hide, carefully washed every finger for Su Yuan, and pampered it with gentle eyes.
Su Yuan’s perceptual sleep became a small fragrant pig.
Su Yuan got up late the next day.
Dahua was ordered not to disturb by Bao rewelding, so he practiced a combination boxing at the mouth of the cave.
Although the female orc awakens into an orc warrior with animal power, she is still strong, powerful and beautiful.
Of course, the big flower is not beautiful, it is purely energy surplus and needs to be released.
In fact, Su Yuan did not conform to the mainstream aesthetics of the orc world, but it surprised everyone in Xiaoshan tribe.
Tribes have never seen such a Bai Jing, petite, tender and delicate female.
It felt like an elf suddenly appeared among a group of ordinary people.
Mysterious and beautiful.
Yesterday, the manufacturing heat of Su Yuan and Bao Su has increased today instead of decreasing.
Whether busy knitting old beasts or going out to pick females, they don’t get together in twos and threes to do their work while divining.
Of course, Su Yuan didn’t know all this.
She slept like a log and didn’t wake up until midnight.
Yeah, I was awakened by hunger
Su Yuan rubbed his flat belly and wiped out of the cave.