"silly, is this something you can note?"


"You just stay here now and don’t talk and wait for someone to replace us!"
Chapter II Breaking the Bottleneck
At the same time, in a Tibetan pavilion in Fengzhuang,
"Silly report? Become a monk? "
Pei Wende, who is meditating in meditation, can’t help but open his eyes and pick an eyebrow like hearing whispering outside Fengzhuang.
Since the first day when he came to Fengzhuang, Pei Wende has noticed that there are countless spies outside Fengzhuang and he doesn’t monitor everything happening outside Fengzhuang all the time.
Pei Wende or Zou Qiwu got into any trouble and was stared at by some big forces.
But after a long time, Pei Wende found that the situation seems to be somewhat different from what he imagined.
Because most of those lurking spies come from different forces and have little connection with each other.
The only thing that is fortunate is that Zou Qiwu seems to have noticed this long ago.
Can be arranged by him into the village are almost all old people who have been with him for many years, so that all the situations in Fengzhuang will not be exposed to the outside world.
It is also thanks to this that Pei Wende can feel at ease here and digest his previous harvest.
Since leaving Shuwai Mountain Villa, Pei Wende has vaguely realized that it is time for him to break through. It is a place where he can sum up and practice.
After a moment, when the ear sounds gradually calm down.
Pei Wende gently called for a small blue snake, and Xiaoqing suddenly appeared on the window sill not far away, as if she had stayed there.
"It’s time!"
Xiaoqing was very positive when she said this sentence.
When Feng Zhuang closed his practice for so long, Pei Wende had already been able to break through his own bottleneck and formally step into the realm of Yin Shen Fa.
However, for fear of those snoopers outside, Pei Wende didn’t choose to break through.
Now that it has been determined that the snoopers outside are responsible for monitoring Fengzhuang, it is natural that Pei Wende can’t afford to lift too much wind and waves for a short time.
"Practice is a natural thing. What is the so-called timing?"
Quietly denied Xiaoqing’s rhetoric, Pei Wende immediately turned his attention to those books, calligraphy and painting around him.
This is not a narrow collection of all kinds of classics, Taoist scriptures and Buddhist scriptures. It looks much more spectacular than the humble collection of Tongqing Temple.
And this is indeed the case. This is Zou Qiwu’s special place to put the collection pavilion, which contains the precious collections he has collected over the years.
Plus, when that stupid prince left Fengzhuang, he didn’t clear the inside.
This Tibetan pavilion is one of the best in Beijing.
Even after Pei Wende stayed in Fengzhuang, Zou Qiwu never thought of finding another place to put the Tibetan pavilion, but let the other party read and browse it.
In the past few months of closed practice, Pei Wende occasionally browsed here.
After all, the Tang Dynasty is not the next century, and its knowledge is far more precious than the later world imagined.
In the future information age, you should have that awareness. After that, you can search all the information and data you want online …
At least most of the superficial knowledge can be searched through the Internet.
But the ancient society is different. Here, "knowledge is money" is not a word, but a definite doubt.
In particular, Zou Qiwu and the silly prince can get the same weight of gold by collecting those precious treasures.
To put it simply, ordinary people are very grateful to their husbands for knowing some of the simplest words.
In the 21st century, it may be the sixth grade or even the third grade of primary school.
And this is from the simple literacy point of view, like most primary school students must learn mathematics, art, sports and music, even ordinary aristocratic brothers may not have the conditions to learn.
Therefore, Pei Wende is very grateful for being able to browse these books at will, although he didn’t say anything.
"My breakthrough will inevitably attract evil spirits and hinder my enlightenment …"
"I’ll leave the safety of Zou’s uncle and daughter to you."
Xiaoqing’s mouth didn’t respond positively when Pei Wende said this, but her actions have already expressed her attitude.
See the little blue snake first take off to the roof outside the window.
Then, the female figure in a long tsing yi dress and a bun proudly stands at the top of the Tibetan Pavilion and has a bird’s eye view around.
"Sister Qing!"
At the first time, I noticed the roof, Xiaoqing, the gazebo in the square lake, and Ayue immediately looked up and waved to her excitedly.
And it’s not far from Ayue. When I heard my daughter’s voice Zou Qiwu, I looked out of the window and saw the roof waiting for Xiaoqing.
"Hey? Wende is coming out? "
Zou Qiwu is a mortal and doesn’t know the specific practice.
But he knew in his heart that since Pei Wende was like peas and carrots, Xiaoqing had already appeared, so he must have reached the time of breaking.
Reminiscent of Peiwende’s account of Zou Qiwu to himself before closing, and his face suddenly changed.
"Girl! Come here, Dad! "
Without continuing to settle accounts, Zou Qiwu shouted in the direction of the pavilion in the lake.
Hearing his father’s slightly nervous voice, Ayue was stunned for a short time and then realized what Xiaoqing’s appearance meant.
"Don’t …"
Excited and nervous, I cast a glance at the direction of the Tibetan Pavilion again, knowing the seriousness of the matter. Ah Yue hesitated for a moment and finally turned over and jumped out of the pavilion.
Tick tock …
So with a crisp ticking, the lake ran quickly like a flat ground, leaving only faint ripples on the surface.
And Zou Qiwu and Xiaoqing look normal when they see this scene.
Ah Yue has been practicing with Pei Wende for such a long time, although limited by qualifications, she has not really become a Taoist.
However, daoist magic has no high requirements for qualifications and ethics.
Ah Yue has been able to make some basic daoist magic after studying for so long.
In particular, daoist magic Ayue, which is simple but has great visual impact, such as walking in water and spitting flames, has been able to make it perfect.
The third chapter is the end of the law era
On the other side, Xiaoqing stepped out of the Tibetan pavilion and guarded the whole phoenix village for Pei Wende.
"Is this the realm of heaven and man?"
Pei Wende, the Tibetan Pavilion, finally stopped suppressing himself, and his body was already boiling, and he spilled out like a real golden yuan.
Just as Pei Wende broke through the bridge between heaven and earth and broke through the realm of heaven and man.